Home automation and security allow you to stay close to what matters most.


With so many options to choose from, it may be hard to pick just one. With our advanced z-wave technology, we can customize your home to your needs. Turn on your lights when you get home, monitor your business after hours, and get updates when the kids come home. Take a look at just some of the packages we offer.

We offer free assessments of your home (in the Columbus, OH area) and will create a package that will meet your needs. You can access your devices at home or away, all with through your smart phone app.

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School is Out

Make sure the kids are focusing on homework and not the TV when they get home.

Time for Bed

Turn off lights, lower the temperature, and set the alarm.

Glass-Breaking Alerts

Get a call about your home or business whenever someone tries to break-in.

Hands-Off Watering

Setup a schedule to water your landscape, or turn the water on whenever you like.

Keep a Watchful Eye

Watch your home or business, wherever and whenever you want.

And so Much More

Custom options to suit all your needs.

Starting out

We offer starter packages to get you going. These bundles provide the essentials for the beginner and allow for adding more devices later. All purchases include installation and smartphone app configuration, so you can control your home or office anywhere.


We can now integrate your devices into Amazon Echo's Alexa service. Ask us which devices can be adapted, and start controlling your devices with only your voice.

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